I’m sure you’ve given your business some serious thought. You have a vision of taking your unique set of skills in to the on-line world.

You know in your heart that people need what you offer.  And they need you now.

If only you could figure out HOW to get it to them!

It sometimes seems that all the courses, webinars and expert advice in the world won’t take you where you need to go. You excitedly sign up for that shiny new course, only to find months later that you’re still stuck, still a newbie, still confused.

One step forward, two back.

Sometimes it’s the tech, sometimes it’s all this talk of “being visible” and sometimes it’s a stifling inability to keep up with all that you need to learn.

I know this sucks, and this is why I’ve made it my mission to help entrepreneurs and small business owners just like you, figure this thing out.

I understand how important it is to be given simple steps, so that you can make steady progress, because I know how it feels to suddenly realise you’re totally out of your depth.

Social media, podcasts, webinars, auto-responders, PM-ing people… it’s like another language you need to learn before you can even think about attracting your first client!

I believe we can ALL achieve our dream business AND our dream life.

It takes skill and confidence to get there, and I KNOW I can help you solve both of those problems.

I haven’t always had confidence – I developed it

I haven’t always understood marketing – I learnt it

I haven’t always had joy in my work – I figured out how to make it an integral part of what I do.  I can show you how to do it too.

I escaped the corporate world in 2014 to work with women entrepreneurs who are struggling to get their business off the ground, by arming them with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need so that they can experience exactly how it feels to attract their dream clients whilst really ENJOYING their business.

Embracing Fear

Back in 2013 I did something I thought I would never be able to do. I abseiled 350ft down the side of the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth. I did it for charity, but I also did it for myself.

A lifelong fear of heights seemed the perfect way for me to put my recent certification in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to the test!

As you can see, even when dangling 350ft high with nothing but air between me and the people below, I even managed to crack a smile.

Building a business and a presence on-line may feel like your own version of the Spinnaker Tower, but I’m here to help you enjoy the process, and smile along the way!

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