Helping you feel more confident in the on-line world.

You really want to get your business on-line, after all, you can reach more people and work with wonderful souls from all around the world, and it sounds so simple right? Just build a website, get a few processes in place and you’ll be reaching your perfect clients in no time.

Next thing you know, you’re drowning in jargon, trying to figure out how to use Social Media and wondering if you’ll ever get to the point where you can confidently say “I’m ready for paying clients to find me on-line”.

Here starts the uphill struggle. You’ve got to figure out the tech, communicate what it is you actually do, AND be visible to your target audience, all at the same time. I know it’s exhausting, confusing and overwhelming, but I’m here to help.

I can’t wait to show you that you CAN figure this out, you HAVE got what it takes and that ANYTHING is possible. Building your dream business on-line doesn’t have to be painful.

~ Lisa Kent, Business Confidence Coach & Co-Author of “EFT for Everyone”

Where to start though?

Firstly, if you don’t know your Opt-In from your Auto-Responder, I recommend that you sign up for my Free “Jargon Buster”

A seven page guide designed to take the mystery out of common terms you hear bandied around the Interweb by those seasoned Pros.

Learn how to use social media to share what you offer with your ideal clients. Quick start packages available from just £99.

Let me help you create a gorgeous, professional looking website or video. Get noticed in style!

Stay confident, productive and motivated as you grow your business. I can show you how.

    I have just had my first  session with Lisa, she is so friendly, spontaneous, encouraging and has a wonderful sense of humour! From the very beginning there was a great connection and I felt really understood, valued and supported

Christa Nebel Curran, EFT Practitioner & Clinical Hypnotherapist, Ireland